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Comprehensive Diabetes Treatment in Louisville, Kentucky

Diabetic meter

Clarifying the Confusion

Diabetes is a complicated subject. It’s especially disconcerting for the people who suffer from it. We strive to take the fear and confusion out of the problem by offering comprehensive care that is personalized for each patient’s specific condition. Whether you have a family history of diabetes or are exhibiting unusual symptoms, take action right away to get the help you need. 

The 2 Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is all about insulin. This hormone is created by the pancreas to turn glucose (the sugar found in carbohydrates) into the energy your body needs to function. One of the reasons diabetes is often confusing for people is that there are 2 variations of it. Although it is the same disease, there are some significant differences between the 2 types.

Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. This is a condition where your immune system attacks parts of your body. When the beta cells in your pancreas are damaged, your pancreas loses the ability to produce insulin. This means that you must receive the hormone either through injections or a pump. Type 1 is generally diagnosed in younger patients, but it can manifest in adulthood as well.

Type 2

Type 2 diabetes is generally easier to manage than type 1. It is a condition in which your body can’t respond to insulin. This causes it to overcompensate and try to make more. Unfortunately, this puts a heavy strain on the pancreas and ends up destroying cells. Excess weight is often the cause of this variation as it is harder for a heavier body to correctly process insulin. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available. Medications, weight loss and sometimes insulin are generally effective solutions.

The Latest Technology in Glucose Monitoring is Here

Learn about the latest in Glucose Monitoring at Amin Family Medical Center. The iPro2 is a professional continuous glucose monitoring system, that helps our practicioners make therapy and lifestyle recommendations that can lead to improved glucose control.

What is the iPro2 CGM ?

Ipro2 CGM system provides a more complete picture
  • Quickly unvocers hidden hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic episodes
Better insights can lead to better decisions and better control
  • Provides your physician with important data to make appropriate therapy adjustments
Easy to Start, Easy to Wear & Easy to Use
  • Patient set up takes just a couple minutes.
  • iPro2 is small, lightweight and discreet.
  • Provides your physician with the information to make the right recommendations.​